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Extended Disqualification Rules for Academy Trustees and Senior Executives

July 2018

From the 1 August 2018, important changes are being made to the automatic disqualification rules for charity trustees.

When do Academy Trusts Need a Trading Subsidiary?

July 2018

What circumstances mean an academy trust may need to set up a subsidiary company to carry out trading activity, in order to comply with charity law?

Education In The North: Behind The Headlines

July 2018

We take a look at the evidence provided to the House of Commons Education Select Committee on 'Educating The North'

Are your school's term time only workers paid the correct amount of holiday pay?

June 2018

Paying holiday pay at the rate of 12.07% of pay may not always comply with contractual or statutory entitlements.

Charities' Legal Spend – In Support of Your Charity, What to be Aware of

June 2018

What do charities need to consider to demonstrate responsible management?

Are school buildings up to the new standard for leases?

June 2018

The first stage of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard came into force in April 2018, affecting schools that act as landlords for their properties.

Clerking for governing bodies

May 2018

In this article, we look briefly at the role of the clerk, and what resources are available to schools to make sure that their clerk is supported.

Updated schools safeguarding guidance from September 2018

May 2018

New statutory guidance on "Keeping Children Safe in Education" is expected to be in place for 3 September 2018.

Education Specialist, Graham Shaw joins Wrigleys

May 2018

Wrigleys is delighted to have Graham Shaw join the team of education specialists.

Headteacher should have disclosed her relationship with a child sex offender even though she had no statutory duty to do so

April 2018

Senior staff may have an implied contractual duty to disclose relationships with sex offenders to assist the governors in their safeguarding duties

Is the application of zero tolerance behaviour policies to SEN pupils unlawful?

March 2018

Tribunal criticises academy trust for imposing behaviour policy at the expense of a disabled pupil's education

The transfer from SEN statements to EHC plans and complaints to the Ombudsman

March 2018

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, Michael King, has stated that 80% of the EHC plan complaints received by his office have been upheld

Carillion and schools

February 2018

There has been a lot in the news about the appointment of a liquidator for Carillion and what this could mean for existing contracts with schools.

Employment Case Law Digest - Education 2017

February 2018

A summary of some of the more interesting and important employment cases concerning schools over the last 12 months.

Could a TUPE transfer occur before a school transfers into a MAT?

January 2018

We consider the potential TUPE risks for a Multi Academy Trust which takes day to day control of a school before the transfer date.

Is your board up to the challenge?

January 2018

This article discusses the importance of a strong governing board, to act as a check and a balance on executive decision making.

GDPR: Public Authority status – what does this mean for academy trusts?

November 2017

What do schools need to look out for and do differently to other organisations?

Single-sex schools, boarding and transgender pupils

November 2017

Could your school be contravening the Equality Act 2010 by not admitting a transgender pupil?

Show me the money: income generation by academy trusts

October 2017

Many academy trusts raise additional funds to supplement government funding. This article covers points to consider when looking at income generation.

Segregation of girls and boys in a mixed-sex school is discriminatory

October 2017

Court of Appeal holds that girls and boys in an Islamic state school are discriminated against by being segregated throughout the school day.

Modern slavery statements and the academy trust

October 2017

With victims of modern slavery in England likely to number over 10,000, we consider supply chain transparency requirements for academy trusts.

Strong and stable: ignore the spin, the substance still matters

October 2017

Strong and stable might no longer be a fashionable phrase, but that's exactly what good governance of academy trusts is all about.

Is your school prepared for GDPR and the changes ahead?

October 2017

Wrigleys team up with data protection expert to provide practical training for schools

Dealing with school employees who are being investigated by the police

October 2017

When the chalk-face meets the thin blue line: handling police involvement with school staff.

Members of academy trusts: who are they and what do they do?

September 2017

In this article, we look at who the members of an academy trust are, what they do, and what they should consider when making decisions.

School bans sausage rolls

September 2017

Can schools decide what pupils can eat while at school?

Gender neutral school uniform policies

September 2017

We look at the recent movement in schools towards gender neutral school uniforms and the legal duties of schools in relation to uniform policies.

Caretakers' accommodation

September 2017

A reminder of the issues that can arise with school accommodation and how to deal with them.

RSC improvement boards

September 2017

Efficiency or a nail in the coffin of autonomy?

Academies Financial Handbook 2017

September 2017

New term, new AFH. Tim Wrigley looks at the latest edition.

New MOU between DFE and Charity Commission

September 2017

Is this Memorandum of Understanding a sign of serious action to come?

Changes to data protection law: the impact on schools and academy trusts

July 2017

We summarise the elements of GDPR that are specific for schools and academies. We highlight what is important to be aware of and what to prepare for.

Salary Sacrifice Update

June 2017

Can independent schools keep their school fee salary sacrifice schemes in place?

Beware of finance leases dressed up as operating leases

June 2017

A reminder of when academies need ESFA consent.

Partner promotions at Wrigleys Solicitors

June 2017

Wrigleys are pleased to announce 4 promotions in the firm's Leeds office.

Discrimination: Adjustments for Candidate with Asperger's Syndrome

May 2017

Was a job applicant with Asperger's Syndrome discriminated against by being required to sit a psychometric test? Yes, held the EAT

Schools required to report on gender pay gap

February 2017

Draft regulations bring relief to maintained schools with less than 250 employees.

Fundraising and data protection pitfalls

February 2017

Scenario: A case study of how a school encountered problems when ramping up its fundraising activities and guidance on how you can keep to the rules.

Academies and boosting income through investment

February 2017

What can academies do with cash they don't immediately need?

Schools and the Apprenticeship Levy

February 2017

From 6 April 2017, many schools will be required to pay the new Apprenticeship Levy. We recommend 4 practical steps to take now.

Can an employee still claim after agreeing a COT3 tribunal settlement?

February 2017

Yes, maybe. Schools should be aware that an unclear COT3 settlement agreement could allow an employee to bring future employment tribunal claims.

Could your school inadvertently be promoting terrorism?

February 2017

A reminder to schools & charities following an inquiry that found a charity had permitted its website and social media to promote terrorist causes.

New apprenticeship target for academy trusts employing 250 or more

January 2017

From April 2017, new regulations set a target number of apprenticeship starts for public sector employers of 2.3% of their total workforce.

Asbestos in Schools and FOIs

January 2017

Parental concern about asbestos in schools is resulting in greater numbers of FOI requests and so it is vital for academies and MATs to be prepared.

What academy governors need to know about Heath & Safety

January 2017

Solicitor Stuart Armstrong of SV Armstrong has developed a Health & Safety Leadership Checklist as an introduction for those managing academies.

Is your school breaching data protection rules by information sharing?

December 2016

In a report relevant for academies and maintained schools, an ICO investigation concluded that charities had breached the Data Protection Act.

National Funding Formula consultation

December 2016

Spreadsheet released illustrating the impact of the proposed formula on your individual schools

Can segregating boys and girls at school be sex discrimination?

December 2016

High Court rules draft Ofsted report was wrong to label segregation of girls and boys discriminatory.

Education Bill has been dropped, where does this leave schools?

October 2016

Tim Wrigley considers the future for schools MATs and governing bodies.

New safeguarding obligations

September 2016

Actions required for ALL schools following key changes to statutory safeguarding guidance from September 2016.

Potential liabilities of trustees, members & governors

September 2016

With great power, comes great responsibility. How true is this for governance of academies and schools?

Managing your contracts and suppliers

September 2016

Reminders and good practice tips for securing value for money both at procurement and during the life of major contracts.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes under review – your chance to contribute

August 2016

Schools that have salary sacrifice schemes as a benefit for staff paying school fees can take part in the government consultation on proposed reforms.

Changes planned for the taxation of termination payments

August 2016

Employers who use the £30,000 tax exemption on termination payments are invited to consult on the proposed reforms.

Gender pay gap reporting: what schools need to know

August 2016

Many schools will need to be ready for the new rules on reporting pay statistics for men and women from as early as April 2017.

Diplomatic Community

August 2016

Guidance to schools on balancing community relationships when expansion and development is opposed.

Restrictions affecting an academy's land and buildings

July 2016

A reminder about the legal restrictions there are on what you can do with an academy's land and buildings.

Academy Trust - new reporting requirements

July 2016

Academy trusts are companies and as such are subject to statutory reporting obligations under the Companies Acts.

Is your school uniform policy consistent with Gender Diversity?

July 2016

We look at the movement in schools towards non gender specific policies and procedures.

Handling strike action in schools

July 2016

Guidance from DfE updated on 1 July for employers, governing bodies, school leaders and staff in maintained schools and academies.

Will a pupil's behavioural problems amount to a disability under Equality Act?

June 2016

Not necessarily, said the Scottish Court of Session (Inner House).

Charity Law Updates

May 2016

A brief look at recent charity law and company law developments which are of relevance to independent schools.

Partner promotions at Wrigleys Solicitors

May 2016

Wrigleys is pleased to announce 3 promotions in its private client and charity property teams.

All Schools must become academies… U turn or not?

May 2016

Despite the change of Government policy, we consider the reasons why it is likely that academisation will continue to accelerate.

Sexting and the school: considering the wider impact

April 2016

In this article, we consider the wider implications of sexting on children, teachers and parents.

"Mind the gap" – mandatory gender pay gap reporting

April 2016

How will the new rules on reporting pay statistics for men and women affect larger independent schools?

Whistleblowing: when might a disclosure be in the public interest?

April 2016

When might a member of school staff be making a disclosure in the public interest and so be protected under employment legislation?

Rising costs of employment for independent schools

April 2016

What are the key factors leading to the increased cost of employing school staff?

Dismissing staff with less than two years' service: what are the risks?

April 2016

What should be considered before dismissing school staff who have been employed for less than two years?

Brexit and the Bursar: a guide for the independent school as employer

April 2016

What are the likely effects of a Brexit on those UK employment laws of most relevance to the independent school sector?

The taxing question of Termination Payments

April 2016

What do bursars need to know about the taxation of payments to employees on the termination of their employment?

Schools Must Prevent Not Procrastinate

April 2016

Since 1 July 2015 independent schools have been grappling with 'Prevent'. How should your school be fulfilling its Prevent duty?

When might a school be liable for a wrongful act of an employee?

March 2016

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that an employer was "vicariously liable" for the actions of its employee in an unprovoked attack on a customer.

Social media spats: handling parents' on-line complaints

March 2016

Handling negative comments, complaints and criticisms about the school or staff made on social media can be a minefield for the leadership team.

Parents in the playground: when parents get involved in their children's disputes

March 2016

Recent reports have highlighted the difficulties schools face when parents become involved in these disputes.

Pulling a sickie or exaggerating the effect of illness may be gross misconduct

March 2016

An employer who reasonably believed that an employee was lying about his symptoms was entitled to find gross misconduct.

Dyslexia: an issue in the staffroom, not just the classroom

February 2016

A recent Employment Tribunal case highlights the need for schools to be aware of the possible duty to make reasonable adjustments for dyslexic staff.

UPDATE on Academisation of Sixth Form Colleges

February 2016

Following a meeting with the DfE this week, we confirm a short update for Sixth Form Colleges.

School Cyber attacks – know your reporting duties

February 2016

Schools hold large amounts of personal data relating to pupils and staff, which makes them particularly vulnerable to data breaches through hacking.

Creating an academy complaints procedure

February 2016

All academies must have a complaints procedure in place. This article summarises the guidance available.

Understanding and dealing with issues relating to parental responsibility

February 2016

The DfE issued new guidance seeking to clarify who legally constitutes a parent, their rights, and the school's responsibilities towards individuals.

Schools' duties to protect...trespassers

January 2016

A recent case resulted in a £2 million fine to the landowner following the death of a boy critically injured whilst trespassing.

Schools advised to check LA Asbestos Reports

January 2016

On conversion, local authorities often provide schools with their asbestos reports. Unfortunately these reports are sometimes inaccurate.

Potential business rates savings for academies

January 2016

As a charity, occupying and using school premises for school purposes, academies are entitled to an 80% reduction in their business rates.

Education - Discrimination Case Update

January 2016

Did an education trust discriminate against a teacher on the ground of age by replacing her with a less experienced teacher? 'No' ruled the EAT

Education and Adoption Bill - Further Update

December 2015

The Bill has now been through the detailed amendments process in Parliament and is now unlikely to change significantly before it becomes law.

Education and Adoption Bill Update

October 2015

We analyse the Bill's progress through the House of Lords and considers the prospects of some interesting changes.

Academy Website and Information Disclosure Requirements

October 2015

We look at academy disclosure requirements - an area where some academies unwittingly fall short, particularly in relation to information on websites

DfE extends remit of intervention for coasting academies

October 2015

DfE has added to its academy funding agreements to make provision for coasting.

Charging for School Activities

October 2015

Exploring the lawfulness of schools demanding financial contributions from parents

Academies Financial Handbook 2015

September 2015

The annual reissue of the Academies Financial Handbook, effective from 1 September, continues the steady flow of additional requirements for academies

Holiday pay changes affecting schools

September 2015

Two recent changes relating to the treatment of holiday pay are important for schools and academies to note.

Wrigleys Solicitors welcome new lawyers

September 2015

Wrigleys celebrates another successful year for its trainee recruitment process, and welcomes Trusts and Estates specialist solicitor Kieran McIvor.

Tour de Wrigleys

July 2015

A group of our staff cycled 40 miles across the Yorkshire hills, between the Sheffield and Leeds offices to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society.

Changes to education inspections from September 2015

July 2015

The new Ofsted Common Inspection Framework comes into effect in September.

Coasting Schools

July 2015

We now have some further detail on what a 'coasting' school may look like.

Good Governance

July 2015

A reminder to academy schools of some of the key requirements and available resources.

Update on Company Governance

June 2015

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act arrived with little fanfare but there are points to note for the company secretary.

Free guides for trustees in education

June 2015

Trustees are reminded that guidance on governance is available from a number of sources.

Freedom of Information

June 2015

A FAQ guide to how the Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies to academies

The Prevent Duty

June 2015

Are you caught by the new duty to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism?

The Education and Adoption Bill 2015

June 2015

What does it mean for schools and academies?

Has your school received funding for building works?

May 2015

If you have been lucky enough to receive Condition Improvement Funding or other funding for building works, here are a few things to think about.

Wrigleys expand Charity and Property teams

May 2015

Wrigleys welcomes the arrival of Laura Moss to its charity team and Alexandra Hempsey to its commercial property and education property teams.

Give & Gain Day - 15th May 2015 - a national day to celebrate volunteering

May 2015

Friday will see thousands of people across the globe spend a working day volunteering for good causes in their local community

Schools Easter Bulletin

April 2015

A short roundup for schools on legal developments that you may have missed over the Spring term.

Wrigleys staff become Dementia Friends

March 2015

Dementia Friends Champions Charlotte Buckley and Amy Slinn have held Friends' information sessions for 96 people at Wrigleys...and counting!

Changes to DfE funding agreements for academies

December 2014

The DfE has recently published new model funding agreements for both single and multi academy mainstream academies and free schools.

Schools mid term bulletin – November 2014

November 2014

A short round up for schools on the legal developments at mid term.

Matthew Wrigley wins this year’s Presidents’ Award

October 2014

We are delighted to share the news that Matthew Wrigley received the Presidents' Award at the Yorkshire Legal Awards.

Back to School Bulletin – Autumn 2014

September 2014

A short roundup for schools on legal developments that you may have missed over the summer.

Will safeguarding responsibilities trump an agreed reference?

September 2014

Yes – says the High Court in the case of Camurat v Thurrock Borough Council (July 2014)

The ABC of converting to an Academy (plus D, E & F!)

July 2014

Many schools struggle with the question whether or when to convert to academy status.

Academies Bulletin (June 2014): An Update on Risk Protection Arrangements

June 2014

The DfE has now released the draft membership Rules for the RPA for academies. This article considers the position and advises a way forward.

Academies Bulletin (May 2014): insurance or Risk Protection Arrangement?

May 2014

A view on the Department for Education's new Risk Protection Arrangement.

Establishing and Running a Bursary Campaign

January 2014

What are the main legal issues a school should consider when establishing or running a bursary campaign?

Community Right to Bid

December 2013

The community right to bid was introduced through the Localism Act 2011 which allows the Academy Trust to make an application to the Local Authority to register land of "community value" (which can be either private or public land). The land must have been used or is currently used for furthering social well-being or social interests of the local community and will continue to do so to be registered as land of community value e.g. a community centre. If the land is subsequently registered as being of community value and that land was ever for sale then the Academy Trust would be notified and given a right to bid on the land.

Wrigleys Solicitors regain top spot in Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2018

The firm has once again achieved Band 1 ranking (regional guide) and are delighted to be recognised as a Band 1 National Leader (outside London).

Click here to view more

**Update** Government announces next stage of Community Housing Fund

The community-led housing sector received welcome news this July, the fund provides grant funding for community groups in early stage of development.

Click here to view more

Taulbut v Davey [2018] EWHC 730 (Ch) – when good intentions are badly executed

The recent case of Taulbut v Davey is the latest example of a homemade Will causing confusion, frustration, and fallout.

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