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We know that care home staff only want the best for their residents and we work together to solve their problems.

Common problems include:

  • Do you think its getting harder for residents to receive full NHS funding?
  • Are your residents being turned down on review when they are no different or perhaps worse?
  • Do you have alzheimers patients who score severe on cognition, high on communication and have other health needs but whose needs are classed as "social care"?

Even residents just paying over their state pension income to the council may lose over £6,000 per year.
Legal advice can make all the difference on an appeal.

The resident's move from their own home to residential care is often unplanned. It may come following a fall and a hospital admission or an incident which discloses that independent living is no longer safe.

Decisions need to be made and relatives suddenly realise they have no power to make them. They are running to catch up right from the outset.

Wrigleys experienced service can put relatives in control by obtaining the right representative power as soon as possible.

The resident's children may live abroad and it may be impractical for them to attend to many of the matters that need sorting out.

Wrigleys very experienced professional attorney and deputyship service can assist.

Many residents and their relatives feel under pressure to sell up. But there are other options.

Wrigleys combine social care law, property and independent financial advice to make sure the resident and their family can choose the right option for them.

Has a resident made a significant gift? Often an entirely innocent act of goodwill and benevolence is misconstrued by a local authority as an attempt to avoid paying care fees and the resident is treated as still possessing the gift taking them outside of support. New powers under the Care Act 2014 allow a local authority to send the recipient of the gift the bill for the resident's care however long ago the gift was made. Legal advice is essential in what are frequently matters of great financial value.

If a resident's home is empty and owned by more than one person, many local authorities will just assume the resident has too much capital to qualify. But often this is not the case. The right legal advice can ensure that valuation is done properly and this very often results in significant savings that greatly outweigh the cost of the advice.

There may be a fundamental disagreement between family members and the local authority over the arrangements for care.

Sometimes longstanding disputes within families are played out in the care home setting when discussing matters such as the arrangements for care or contact with the resident or over financial matters.

Wrigleys health and care team advise and represent family members in such matters to bring about a solution. But if no solution can be agreed, we will assist and if necessary represent in Court of Protection proceedings.

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