A short roundup for schools and academies on legal and other developments:
All Schools must become academies… U turn or not?
Despite the change of Government policy, we consider the reasons why it is likely that academisation will continue to accelerate.
Social media spats: handling parents' on-line complaints
Handling negative comments, complaints and criticisms about the school or staff made on social media can be a minefield for the leadership team.
Parents in the playground: when parents get involved in their children's disputes
Recent reports have highlighted the difficulties schools face when parents become involved in these disputes.
When might a school be liable for a wrongful act of an employee?
The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that an employer was "vicariously liable" for the actions of its employee in an unprovoked attack on a customer.
Pulling a sickie or exaggerating the effect of illness may be gross misconduct
An employer who reasonably believed that an employee was lying about his symptoms was entitled to find gross misconduct.