A short roundup for schools and academies on legal and other developments:
UPDATE on Academisation of Sixth Form Colleges
Following a meeting with the DfE this week, we confirm a short update for Sixth Form Colleges
Potential business rate savings for Academies
As a charity, occupying and using school premises for school purposes, academies are entitled to an 80% reduction in their business rates.
Schools duties to protect......trespassers
A recent case resulted in a £2 million fine to the landowner following the death of a boy critically injured whilst trespassing.
Schools advised to check Local Authority asbestos reports
On conversion, local authorities often provide schools with their asbestos reports. Unfortunately these reports are sometimes inaccurate.
Education - discrimination case update
Did an education trust discriminate against a teacher on the ground of age by replacing her with a less experienced teacher? 'No' ruled the EAT
Academy website and disclosure requirements
We look at academy disclosure requirements - an area where some academies unwittingly fall short, particularly in relation to information on websites.
Education and Adoption Bill - Further Update
The Bill has now been through the detailed amendments process in Parliament and is now unlikely to change significantly before it becomes law.
School Cyber Attacks - know your reporting duties
Schools hold large amounts of personal data relating to pupils and staff, which makes them particularly vulnerable to data breaches through hacking.
Creating an academy complaints procedure
All academies must have a complaints procedure in place. We summarise the guidance available.
Understanding and dealing with issues relating to parental responsibility
The DfE has recently issued new guidance which seeks to clarify who legally constitutes a parent, their rights, and the school's responsibilities towards such individuals.